RT Pallet Equipment - Company Message
At RT Pallet Equipment we require
- a 40% deposit down and full payment due upon completion of order before shipping.


Leasing RT Pallet Equipment Pays Off
 Conserves Cash
Leasing saves your working capital while enabling you to acquire equipment. Your company makes more money by using the equipment now.
Tax Advantages
Lease payments can be fully tax-deductible. A full write-off over the life of your lease significantly reduces the real cost of your equipment.
Cost Effective -
Lease payments can be matched to the increased company revenues generated from the use of production or sales equipment.
Provides an Inflation Hedge
Today’s equipment is paid for with tomorrow’s devalued dollars.
Preserves Credit Lines
Leasing keeps your current credit lines available so your capital is available when you need it. Ask about off-balance sheet financing.

Leasing companies available in US and Canada.

Call for info.